Welcome to archaeology.ca and the original home of Altamira Consulting Ltd. Altamira has been providing archaeology & historic resource consulting services since 1992, with an office in Edmonton, Alberta and a seasonal office in Williams Lake, BC. While the majority of Altamira’s work has focused on heritage management and assessment needs for forestry in BC and Alberta, its team has conducted similar services for transportation, oil and gas, mining, and subdivisions, as well as various¬†other industries, in BC, Alberta, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. In particular, our team has had extensive experience with Class I pipelines, large well site programs, gravel pits, and subdivisions; Altamira also manages archaeology for a number of forestry companies in the BC Interior Plateau, and northwest Alberta. Our team can often be found enjoying the local cuisine in Williams Lake, Quesnel, and 100 Mile House, BC, or Whitecourt, Fox Creek, and Peace River, Alberta. In addition to the standard desktop and field assessments required in Western Canada, Altamira also provides GIS services, including predictive modelling and interpretive planning.

What’s new?! In January 2015, Altamira was acquired by Circle CRM Group Inc., whose Principal Archaeologist had worked collaboratively with Altamira since May 2012. Together, the Altamira and Circle team can conduct impact assessments throughout western Canada, including Saskatchewan and Manitoba, also adding Aboriginal Consultation and traditional land use / knowledge to its suite of services. To learn more about our team, click here!

So, why choose the Altamira/Circle team for your historic resource needs? Because we can provide you with solutions. And:

  • because you want to save time
  • because you want to save money
  • because you want to ensure a job well done. Efficiently and effectively.

For more information, please contact us!

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